Introducing our new app for Aylesbury Mosque.

This is the official App from Aylesbury Mosque designed to be an informative communications tool for the Mosque and the Muslim community of Aylesbury.

Main Features include and will allow you to:

  • Check Salah & Jamaat times for the year and receive notifications for the daily prayers at Aylesbury Mosque with Hijri date enabled.
  • View countdown clock to the next prayer.
  • Receive messages for important Events, Ramadan, Eid, Janazah etc. direct from the Mosque.
  • Keep up to date and view real-time news from the Mosque on the home screen.
  • Keep a record of your daily Salah and track any Qazah prayers. (Please note that your record will start from once the app has been downloaded).
  • View upcoming and past events at the Mosque.
  • View and track the Ramadan timetable.
  • Send any questions via direct chat to an Alim based at the Mosque.
  • Make quick and easy donations to the Mosque direct from the App.
  • Locate the direction of the Qiblah right from the App, wherever you are.
  • Use a digital Tasbih.
  • Read and listen to the Quran.
  • View sermons and talks via the official Mosque Channel.
  • Find Local Halal Businesses in the area.
  • Calculate the Zakat they need to pay using our Zakat calculator.
  • View the official social media feeds directly from the App.
  • And much more.